Malaysia’s Car Sales Continue to Climb in July


Malaysia’s total car sales continue its upward momentum in July, due to the normalization of the automotive supply chains and fulfillment of bookings received for new models launched recently, said the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) on Thursday.

MAA said in a statement that the total industry volume rose 1.7 percent to 63,676 units in July from 62,593 units in June.

In year-on-year comparison, the car sales volume was 27.5 percent higher than the corresponding period in 2022.

As for the January-July period, Malaysia’s total car sales reached 429,807 units, up 12.61 percent as compared with 381,680 units a year ago.

Meanwhile, Malaysia’s total industry production stood at 66,862 units, 15.18 percent higher as compared with 58,051 units in June.

In year-on-year comparison, the car production was 28.43 percent higher than 52,061 units a year earlier.

From January to July, Malaysia’s total car production increased by 16.05 percent to 429,397 units from 369,994 units a year ago.

In August, MAA expects car sales to be slightly higher than the July level.

This is due to the introduction of a few new models as well as National Day promotional campaigns by some car companies