Malaysia’s Migration Rate Decreases to 0.5 Pct in 2022


The migration rate in Malaysia decreased to 0.5 percent in 2022 as compared to 1.5 percent in 2020, official data showed Thursday.

The Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) said in a statement that the implementation of the movement control order to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic until the first half of 2021 has influenced the decline in migration rate.

According to the DOSM, the number of migrants in Malaysia declined to 158,800 people in 2022 from 484,100 people in 2020.

Meanwhile, intra-state migration composition increased to 62.3 percent in 2022 as compared to 58.4 percent in 2020.

On the contrary, inter-state migration fell to 30.3 percent in 2022 from 31.2 percent in 2020, while international migration slipped to 7.4 percent from 10.4 percent.

“Following family remained as the main reason for internal migration in 2022 at 47.3 percent (2020: 45.3 percent). This was followed by reasons for environment (19.3 percent), career (18.3 percent), marriage and divorce (5.7 percent), education (5.4 percent) and others (3.9 percent),” said the DOSM.