Women Seeking Higher Earners


MEN earning less than RM1,500 a month may find it difficult to find a wife as women prefer those with higher wages, reported Kosmo!

A survey by the daily among single women found that this was due to concerns over the cost of living and a family’s financial needs.

Teacher Nasriza Ismail, 28, said her future husband should not only be smart and have good morals but also be able to comfortably support the family.

“If your salary is low, you should put off getting married because rent for a home alone can cost RM800,” she said.

Civil servant Latifah Mohd Kamal, 37, said she did not mind being called an old maid as long as she did not choose the wrong husband

“One of the criteria is that my future husband must earn more than me,” she said.

Syahirah, 30, said that according to Islam, husbands must provide their wives with accommodation, food and clothing in addition to their allowance.

“If one’s salary is RM1,500, how can one afford it? That’s not even with children in the mix,” she said.