Payung Rahmah Initiative to be Expanded to Cover Eyewear, Says Salahuddin


The Payung Rahmah initiative, to help reduce the cost of living for the lower-income group (B40) and hardcore poor with lunch or dinner set meals, food baskets, medical treatment and holding cheap sales, is now expanding to cover eyewear under the Rahmah Eyeglass Package, according to Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub.

According to a post on his official Facebook, he said the initiative was made possible through cooperation with eye care provider MOG Eyewear so that the public can purchase eyewear between RM50 and RM100, apart from upgrading the lenses to “blue cut lenses” with ultra violet radiation protection at a cost of RM100 only.

“This package is available at 96 MOG Eyewear branches nationwide,” he also said.

Salahuddin added that the Payung Rahmah initiative will be continued with various other attractive offers in accordance with the needs and wishes of Malaysians. 

Source: Malay Mail