Michelle Yeoh Shares Photos of Wedding With Jean Todt, Including First Night as Married Couple


Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh took to Instagram to share some photos from her wedding ceremony to Jean Todt on July 27.

She posted four photos, including one from their first night as a married couple.

“19 years and YES!! We are married!! Thkq to our ‘families’ who love us for all these years. We love you and here’s to many more to come,” the Ipoh-born actress wrote.

Yeoh, 60, also shared one photo which is a poster from her Bond flick Tomorrow Never Dies with a mugshot of Todt superimposed on Pierce Brosnan’s face. “Love Never Dies, A Jean Todt and Michelle Yeoh production, Thursday, July 27, 2023”, were written on the poster.

Brazillian F1 racer Felipe Massa broke the news of Todt and Yeoh’s union on Instagram on Friday (July 28). The ceremony, attended by close family and friends, was held in Geneva, Switzerland.

Yeoh’s mother, Datin Janet Yeoh, revealed in an interview with China Press that she didn’t know about her daughter’s marriage.

“My daughter would always call me, but she didn’t inform me (about the marriage) when we were on the phone two weeks ago. Maybe she wants to surprise me!” the 84-year-old told the publication.

Love never dies for Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt.

Janet added that she hopes her daughter will return to Malaysia and hold a wedding reception with family and friends here.

Todt, 77, first met the Oscar-winning actress in Shanghai, China on June 4, 2004. After dating for one-and-a-half months, Todt proposed to Michelle Yeoh on July 26, 2004.

According to Los Angeles Times, Yeoh said that she and Todt were supposed to be married last year but procuring the paperwork had been time-consuming as the former motor racing executive is a Swiss resident and the country has exacting requirements.

“We’ve been threatening to get married for such a long time. Sometimes we say, ‘Wait, didn’t we already do it?’” she jokingly told The Guardian in September 2021.

For Yeoh, tying the knot wasn’t as important to her as it was to Todt.

“A piece of paper doesn’t change it for me. But it means a lot to Jean, so it means a lot to me,” the Everything Everywhere All At Once star said in an interview with Los Angeles Timesin November 2022.