Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan to sign agreement on border demarcation


Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are preparing to sign an agreement on border demarcation, official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Aibek Smadiyarov announced.

“Tashkent hosted the 100th meeting of the delegations of the governments of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the joint Kazakh-Uzbek demarcation commission from November 14 to November 19. The parties prepared for signing a draft agreement on the demarcation of the state border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and draft final documents on the demarcation, which supplement this agreement,” he said.

Smadiyarov added that the parties also signed the final protocol on the work of the joint Kazakh-Uzbek demarcation commission.

A draft agreement was prepared between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan on the demarcation of the Kazakh-Uzbek state border a month ago.

The length of the demarcated line of the state border is 2,356.666 km. The parties installed a total of 1,301 boundary markers on the border.

The parties will conduct a joint check of the designation of the state border line every 10 years after the agreement comes into force.

Source : AkiPress