Dr Zaliha: Ministry Allocates RM9.6m to Repair Dilapidated Clinics in Kelantan


The Health Ministry (MoH) has identified 39 dilapidated clinics in Kelantan for repairs this year, involving an allocation of RM9.6 million.

Its minister, Dr Zaliha Mustafa said the list includes eight rural clinics, 18 health clinics and 13 dental clinics, and to ensure the repairs are done well, the ministry has established a task force to monitor the implementation in each state.

“During my working visit to Kelantan previously, I had the chance of looking at the conditions of several of the clinics.

“May all the projects go smoothly for the benefit of healthcare workers and to boost the quality of service to Malaysians,” she posted on her Facebook page.

Source: Malay Mail