War in Ukraine: Russian Soldiers Call on Putin For Help


For example, about twenty soldiers from the North of Russia, from the cities of Kiliningrad and Murmansk, dressed in their military fatigues, hide their faces with a black balaclava. They are on the front in Ukraine .

They consider themselves cannon fodder , they appeal to the Supreme Head of the Russian army: “We appeal to  Vladimir Putin , we were trained as defenders, not as an assault unit. And during our first assault, six people died in a trench. We do not have an armored vehicle, we have weapons from the 1940s. We ask you to pay attention to the training of the fighters. We do not refuse to fight , but we want to do it with dignity. We are not meat .”

Several videos show the disarray of these fighters. They are all asking to be better prepared, better equipped. This Monday, 1,000 Russian soldiers died at the front . This is one of the highest figures since the beginning of the conflict.

Source RTL