Veterinary Services Dept: Over 190 Tonnes of Pig Carcasses Worth RM4.3M Seized in Selangor, Johor This Year


The Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) has seized pig carcasses imported from Brazil and Russia, as well as unlabelled pig carcasses, totaling over 190 tonnes worth RM4.3 million.

DVS in a statement today said the carcasses were seized at seven locations in Selangor and four in Johor during an enforcement operation conducted over two phases from May to June and in November 2023.

“The pig carcasses were seized along with five containers, one binding machine and 59 bundles of tying strings,” read the statement.

DVS also informed that the seized pig carcasses have been disposed in accordance with Subsection 68(3) of the Animals Act 1953 with the approval of the court.

According to the statement, nine cases which are related to the carcasses from Brazil and Russia are being investigated under Subsection 5(1)(b) of the Animals Act 1953 and two cases are under Subsection 5(3) of the Animals (Control of Slaughter) Rules 2009.

DVS said this is a serious matter as it has implications for disease control, particularly stemming from livestock, such as the African swine fever that could impact the pig farming industry

“Stern action will be taken against importers, storage facility owners and pork sellers to ensure that pig carcasses are only imported from countries permitted under Subsection 5(1)(b) of the Animals Act 1953.

“We will continue to beef up enforcement in collaboration with other agencies, including the police, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry and the local authorities,” DVS said adding that an integrated operation would be conducted to check on frozen storage warehouses as well as pork production and processing premises.