UNECE Supports Turkmenistan In Strengthening Energy Efficiency Potential Of Buildings


BAKU, Azerbaijan, March 6. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) supports Turkmenistan in strengthening the energy efficiency potential of buildings, a source in the UNECE told trend .

It was noted that one of the goals of the organization is to support the strengthening of the capacity of both Turkmenistan and other UNECE member States to develop and implement energy efficiency standards for buildings with an emphasis on residential buildings.

‘The idea of this goal is to introduce energy-efficient technologies, overcoming barriers to improving energy efficiency standards, as well as to accelerate the implementation of these technologies by improving knowledge from a technical and advanced point of view,’ the organization said.

The UNECE added that the organization conducted a global assessment of the statistical system of Turkmenistan in 2022 and provided technical assistance in supporting the population and housing censuses.

‘Furthermore, we conducted a regional study this year to analyze the difference between the goals set out in the UNECE Framework Guidelines on Building Energy Efficiency Standards and the current Turkmenistan energy efficiency standards in this area,’ the UNECE said.

Source Menafin