Türkiye Quake Survivor Sabina Mamadyarova Returns to Kazakhstan


Kazakhstani national Sabina Mamadyarova, who was pulled alive from the quake rubble in Türkiye, has returned home, Kazinform correspondent reports.

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Speaking at a briefing, Aibek Smadiyarov, Kazakh Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said that the Kazakh consul was in constant contact with Sabina, and that her family members were by her side, while she was under treatment.

«She has already returned to Kazakhstan. She does not want to be disturbed or give any comment,» said the spokesperson.

He went on to say that Sabina must be feeling well.

Earlier it was reported that Kazakhstani national Sabina Mamadyarova was pulled alive from the quake rubble in Türkiye.

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