The Ministry says that 5 more people were killed in the continuation of the “operation” in Roshan. VIDEO


On May 31, five local residents were killed and one person was arrested in the continuation of the “operation” of the authorities in the Roshon district of the VMCB. In a statement, the Ministry of Internal Affairs called these people members of “criminal and terrorist groups”, while earlier their relatives and human rights organizations called them “peaceful and unarmed people”. It is not known how and under what circumstances five people were killed.

According to the MIA,

  • Yodgor Gholomhaydarov, 48 years old;
  • Alisher Pochoev, 46 years old;
  • Habib Mavlododov, 35 years old;
  • Jangibek Shehburov, 30 years old;
  • Dokhunda Palaev, 53 years old

in the highlands of Derzud village of Rushan district, according to the authorities, they were “disarmed”. It is difficult to find information from independent sources due to the lack of telephone and Internet contact with Roshan district.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan says that these people were wanted since May 18 of this year and “were killed during armed resistance.” On May 30, the authorities published their names among 10 wanted persons.

Yodgor Gulomhaydarov, the former commander of one of Mirzo Ziyoev’s units, was called the main suspect in the events of Rushan.

48-year-old Kulmahmad Pallaev from the village of Vamar, who was also wanted according to the authorities, was arrested. The fate of the other four people whose names were on the authorities’ list is unknown.

Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that at the place of the “operation”, which is located one kilometer from the Tajik-Afghan border, “1 assault rifle with 200 bullets, 1 Kalashnikov with 150 bullets, 1 anti-tank grenade launcher with 3 cartridges, 4 Kalashnikov with 5 rifles and 135 bullets, 5 hand grenades and 2 Makarov pistols with 50 bullets were found and confiscated.” It is impossible to confirm the news from other sources.

Since May 16 of this year, the situation in the city of Khorug and the district of Rushon of the Ministry of Education and Culture has been complicated.

First, the residents of Khorug demanded the resignation of two local officials, a fair investigation into the murder of Gulbiddin Ziyobekov, a resident of Roshtkala district, and the release of those arrested. When the authorities said that they will not discuss these issues, the disaffected people took to the streets. One person was killed and three others were injured during the clash between protesters and government forces.

On May 17, dissidents gathered in Rushon district and blocked the movement of the military from Dushanbe to Khorog.

On May 18, the authorities carried out what they called an “anti-terrorist” operation and officially reported the death of 9 people, including a soldier, and the wounding of 24 people, including 13 soldiers. Residents reported the recovery of 21 bodies, and some sources reported 25 bodies.

The authorities accused the disaffected people of “membership in criminal groups” and “armed struggle”. Residents say that they came to the streets only to defend their rights, as they have been under pressure and harassment for months.

Several human rights organizations and Western countries have expressed their concern and sympathy in connection with the events of Khorugu Rushan, asked the parties to reconcile and demanded the authorities to refrain from the use of force and weapons.

In particular, the Human Rights Watch organization said last week that Tajik authorities should investigate the use of weapons by the police in the may unrest in Badakhshan, which caused the deaths and injuries of protesters.

The authorities did not respond to these statements and the demands of rights defenders and Western and European countries .

Source: ozodi