Tera Shipping Appointed for Water Tank Transport to Malaysia


Tera Projects & Shipping reports on the completion of their latest project, involving the transport of water tanks in Malaysia.

Tera were nominated by their client to ship six water tanks and their accessories. The tanks were stationed at the client’s premises, before being lifted and loaded onto the vessel bridge trailer.

These tanks featured a gross weight of 13.4 MT with a total cargo volume of 757 CBM. The largest piece of cargo was measured to be 6.0 (L) x 4.9 (W) x 4.9 (H) meters and weighed 2.5 tonnes.

The collection for this delivery was arranged in Nilai, Malaysia and was transported in-land to Senawang.

Upon arrival at the final site, Tera Projects & Shipping executed the unlashing and unloading of the cargo using a mobile crane in Senawang.

Source: Ajot