Scam Alert: FB Ads Misusing the Star’s Branding


Star Media Group, which publishes The Star print products and online portal, refers to an advertisement being run on Facebook which is misusing The Star’s brand identity.

It has come to the Group’s attention that a sponsored post by ‘The Star Finance’ – which misuses The Star’s logo – claims to offer stock products and free services to Malaysian stock market investors in conjunction with its ‘127th anniversary’.

The ad, which also misuses The Star’s previous iteration of its print product’s masthead, is titled ‘Dividends from investing in Malaysian blue chips’.

The Group wishes to clarify that the above ad is not run by The Star’s official Facebook page, and the fake ‘The Star Finance’ page is not affiliated with The Star’s official social media platforms in any way.

The Star – which Reuters named one of the most trusted sources of news in Malaysia – publishes on its official website

To ensure you are looking at a genuine article by The Star, always check the web page address to confirm that the URL begins with

Should you come across fake Facebook ads or pages impersonating The Star or any other brands, please file a report to Facebook.