Riot Games Launches Southeast Asia Servers For League Of Legends And Teamfight Tactics


Riot Games has officially launched the Southeast Asia (SEA) servers for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. Welcome rewards and missions await players who complete the account migration process to SEA.

Last November, Riot Games announced that it would end its 12-year partnership with the Singaporean publisher Garena and self-publish in Southeast Asia. Riot Games stated that the move was due to its growth as a multi-game studio and greater focus on serving players in the Asia-Pacific region. The account migration process opened on November 18, giving players approximately a month and a half to transfer their Garena League account data.

The official League of Legends Philippines YouTube channel shared a short video, titled “Our Journey Begins,” publicizing the launch of the SEA servers. The video opens with city skylines and iconic landmarks in Southeast Asia, like Rizal Park in the Philippines, Petronas Towers in Malaysia, Taipei 101 in Taiwan, and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Dozens of snowy white poros bound through the landscape — one critter is granted a tiny conical hat typical of the region by an elderly basket seller. Regional teams of Riot Games greet the camera in their native language and share their excitement for the server launch.

In the video, Alasdair Gray, Head of Marketing for Riot Games Asia Pacific, shared that the SEA servers are now live and advertised the welcome rewards and missions. As described in greater detail in a news post by Riot Games, a “server-warming party” will be held for a month, during which players can earn special Tokens. These Tokens can be exchanged for free permanent skin shards, Ultimate skins, and legendary eggs. By completing in-game missions, SEA players can unlock champions released from 2009 to 2021 for free.

“Our Journey Begins” provides a peek at what Riot Games has in store for the Southeast Asia region in 2023. Beginning on January 13, players can take part in Lunar Revel, the Lunar New Year Event. The video also revealed that there will be an SEA Regional Qualifiers Tournament for Teamfight Tactics. For the Regional Championship, Riot Games is offering a $10,000 prize pool. Three slots will be reserved for SEA in the Teamfight Tactics World Championship.

The YouTube video description links Riot Games’ Account Migration Microsite, which helps players connect their Garena League and Teamfight Tactics accounts for data migration to the SEA servers. The site welcomes gamers to the Riot Universe and advertises the various perks gained by joining the Riot servers, such as special events and skins. Anyone, regardless of whether one completes the account migration process or not, can play around with an adorable Poro Builder featured on the site. The bottom of the page features an Account Linking Guide and Account Linking FAQ, as well as a link for contacting player support and submitting support tickets.

Source: Dual Shockers