“Rambo” answered clearly, asked to carry “Prayut” to go through the ’66 election battle, countering “Uncle Tu-Uncle Pom” why did they part?


“Rambo” answered clearly, asked to carry “Prayut” to go through the ’66 election battle, countering “Uncle Tu-Uncle Pom” why did they part? Preey Thaksin’s son The policy of bringing father home is over!!
When Rambo Isaan or Dr. Sek Sakon Atthawong, Deputy Minister Office of the Prime Minister And the prime minister’s adviser came out on the program “Celebrities Sit Clear” on Channel 8. Yingsak therefore asked to open a famous issue in politics that was considered by people to carry Uncle Tu. Go through the 2016 election battle along with the inner circle story of Uncle Tu and Uncle Pom Are friends really fighting each other? In addition, he was also joking about Ung Ing, Thaksin’s daughter, who linked the issue of thinking about a policy to bring her father home until Isaan people had to move to live with Uncle Tu as well.

Which party is Mr. Rambo currently in? Is there really a party with him? Or gliding and gliding?
    political experience If asked which party I have to accept the fact that I haven’t been running for MP since joining the Social Affairs Party. He was a secretary since Ajarn Kukrit Pramoj, the social affairs party at that time. I am your number MP, the leader of the social affairs party, named Air Chief Marshal Sitth Sawetsila, who is Khun Nui’s father. Husband of Khun Tak Mayura, I have been doing politics for a long time. And once in the year 38, this Mr. Rambo It was the person who made Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra the first MP of the Palang Dharma Party in Bangkok in 1995. I came up with a plan to help. The term party affiliation is not yet I am not a party member But I live in many adults in politics since A.D. Kukrit, Pasit Sawetsila, Thaksin, Chaowarit, Yongchaiyudh, Big Jew, Tiny Adult, we are just students with political expertise. or they call it a political volunteer adults see us Since seeing us since I’ve been doing activities since I was in the university fence Just like Khun Jatuporn Phromphan, this is the activity in the fence of Ramkhamhaeng University. When we go as speakers Adults see that we are capable. and experience invites us But we are not affiliated with a political party. We are only helping him in politics. He has been in politics for 30 years. 

Now they say that you are one of Uncle Tu’s bodyguards?
    after I left the Pheu Thai Party I went to apply in the name of the Pracharat Palang Party with Uncle Tu. This is Uncle Pom. In the fighting field in Korat, I lost. Then the adults saw my potential that they could help the country and help the city, and it was a alignment. I myself used to be with the protesters on UDD streets. Give people a chance to return come back to help each other to do good deeds for the country and come to make the country peaceful and reconcile So he asked me to help.

Where does uncle tu go? You must always follow me, right? Going to the bathroom, do you have to stand and watch?
Most definitely But not to that extent (laughs). false accusation It was my duty as vice minister at that time. have to respond to clarify the facts We’re not going to say that we’re going to incriminate, but we want to clarify the facts. Let society know that you don’t slander Prime Minister Uncle Tu.

But the saying that a dog’s head is better than a lion’s tail I feel confused I saw that when Uncle Tu finished resigning Still following Uncle Tu Are you going to be Uncle Tu’s tail again?

the media knows I am the person who founded the first Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party. When there was an incident where I had to resign I had to sacrifice for the party that I set up for Uncle Tu It is the unity of Thailand to create a nation in a beautiful picture. I have to ask for permission to resign. in order to clear himself that The accusation is not factual as it is alleged. while i’m out I didn’t come back to my position. Has not come to work for the party as before So I grabbed a small party, the Terd Thai Party, as its leader. in order to gather members It’s time for Uncle Tu to come back down. and came to join Thais to create a nation Uncle Tu told me to come back, I came back, but this time I didn’t come back like before. In the past, I was just a small MP candidate who took care of only 2-3 districts, but came back this time. The party allowed me to be the commander in charge of the northeastern region for Ruam Thai Sang Chart as well.

source: siamrath