NST Leader: Of Insane Zionists and Racist West

Palestinians search for casualties at the site of an Israeli strike on a house during the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip October 19, 2023. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

THE Tel Aviv regime hasn’t an ounce of humanity left. It is using every weapon it has to pound the Palestinians out of existence. The European Holocaust has come to the Middle East. 

Built on the Zionist invented “chosen people” ideology and supported by the White supremacy of the West, Israel sees itself as a regime that can do no wrong. Hubris is thy name, Tel Aviv. The seed of this hubris was planted by France’s Napoleon Bonaparte when in 1799, he promised the European Jews a home in Palestine.

It didn’t happen then, but the deviousness of Britain, the United States and Europe would make the promise possible in 1948 in a catastrophic way. A more modern example of Israeli hubris played out at the United Nations Security Council meeting on Tuesday. 

There, the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, having harshly criticised Israel for its violations of international law in Gaza, went to say: “Let me be clear: No party to an armed conflict is above international humanitarian law.” 

What irked the Zionist regime most was when he said Hamas’ attack didn’t happen in a vacuum. Let’s be clear here: Hamas was wrong in killing civilians. They were not combatants. But the more than 5,000 Palestinian civilians massacred by Israel were also not combatants. 

Guterres was right. The Palestinians have been subjected to 56 years of suffocating occupation. His remarks infuriated Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, who raised his finger at him and asked: “Mr secretary-general, in what world do you live?” We ask Cohen and his war criminals in Tel Aviv and their White supremacist allies in the West: in what world do you live? Israel’s ambassador to the UN Gilard Erdan, being more infuriated, called for the resignation of Guterres. 

The Zionists can’t bear very much reality. They just don’t want themselves to be found out. And so they continue to spin false narratives, with great help from the servile media of the West. Even big names such as The Economist, BBC, The GuardianWall Street Journal and New York Times fall prey to Israel-can-do-no-wrong narratives. Peddling such pathetic prejudice isn’t journalism. Didn’t the Iraq war teach anything? A question asks itself: in what world do you live? 

With their “Israel has the right to defend itself” nonsense, the West made sure the humanitarian ceasefire resolution went nowhere. Instead, they are either sending or preparing to send aircraft carriers, weapons and soldiers to help Israel, the most weaponised regime in the Middle East, to wipe the Palestinians off the face of the Earth. 

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had this stomach-turning remark: “We must affirm the right of any nation to defend itself and prevent such harm from repeating itself. No member of this council, no nation in this entire body, could or would tolerate the slaughter of its people.” 

In Blinken’s blinkered world, the Palestinians can’t take up arms against the Israeli colonisers even though they are being ethnically cleansed. If they do, Israel has a right to slaughter them. We ask Blinken and his ilk: in what world do you live?