Miltos Tentoglou Named Top Athlete in Balkans for the Third Year in a Row


Miltos Tentoglou, the Greek jumper was named the top athlete in the Balkans, for the third consecutive year.Miltos Tentoglou was crowned winner in 2023 at the European Indoor and World Open, continuing a brilliant career, during which he has won all available titles at the world’s top events.

George Pomaski ‘s vault  during the year landed at 8.52m, which was also the jump that won him the gold medal in one of the most exciting World Championship finals.

The Gala of the Balkan Union took place on Tuesday night (28/11) in  Istanbul and was attended by the vice-president of ABAF, Lambros Papakostas, as well as the member of the board of SEGAS, Panagiotis Dimakos.

During the Gala, the Balkan Union awarded  SEGAS  for its contribution to the Union and to the development of athletics in the Balkans.

In the women’s category, the top athlete was Turkala, Tugba Danismaz, who won the gold medal in the triple jump at the European indoor competition. 

The javelin champion from Serbia, Adriana Vilagos won the title of the rising Women and the Bulgarian long jumper and triple jumper, Bozidar Saraboyukov the corresponding title in the Men.