Malaysia’s Premium Health Program Enables Patients to Return to Health and Fitness at the Same Time


MALAYSIA – Malaysia Healthcare recently launched its first Premium Health Program bringing together some of the country’s leading private medical institutions, hotels, tours and travel agencies. This is intended to provide easy access to health services as well as provide the best experience for health tourists.

Located in the center of Peninsular Malaysia, Selangor has infrastructure and facilities, including hospitals and hotels. To top it all off, the state offers tourists a wide variety of attractions, from brightly lit modern cities and elegant skyscrapers to beautiful mountains, beaches and waterfalls.

Recently, a couple from Indonesia, namely Andy Pau and Mullie Marlina, flew to Malaysia to try the Premium Health Package. The couple said they were very impressed with the medical check-up service as well as the many attractions available in Selangor.

“Besides the high-tech equipment, the hospital staff took very good care of us and made us feel at ease in every process,” said Andy Pau, who carried out the medical examination at Subang Jaya Medical Centre.

Marlina also had a medical examination at Sunway Medical Center.

“The whole process is very efficient and only takes about two to three hours. So we have plenty of time to enjoy the sights and sounds around Malaysia’s central areas, while tasting healthy food and doing healthy activities easily available in hotels,” he said.

Malaysia is increasingly recognized as a preferred destination for healthcare as well as vacations, and has won several prestigious awards. Among them was the title of “Destination of the Year”, an award given by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ), a UK-based healthcare travel authority.

Malaysia has also become a destination for more than 10 million medical tourists in the last decade.

Source: Sindonews