Malaysian Student Arrested in Norway for Alleged Spying


A man who is believed to be a Malaysian citizen has been arrested in Oslo, Norway after his alleged involvement in espionage activities, confirmed Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs via the country’s embassy in Stockholm.

In a statement on Tuesday (Sep 12), the Foreign Affairs Ministry said the embassy is in close contact with local authorities in Oslo to obtain more information on the case.

“The ministry will continue to monitor the development of this case and will provide appropriate consular assistance if needed.”

International media agencies reported that a 25-year-old Malaysian student in Norway was arrested by local authorities on suspicion of espionage, including illegal eavesdropping through various technical devices.

According to the report, the Norwegian police intelligence agency – or PST – claimed that the man attempted to spy on the prime minister’s office, the country’s defence ministry and other government offices in Oslo.

PST told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation that the man, who was arrested on Sep 8, has been charged in court following his actions in carrying out espionage and intelligence operations against the country.

Source: Channel News Asia