Malaysia Sets Ambitious Goal to Establish Its Own Space Launch Site


Malaysia is setting its sights on the stars as the Science, Technology, and Innovation (Mosti) spearheads an ambitious endeavour via the Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA) to explore the development of a space launch site.

Its minister Chang Lih Kang, said Mosti’s belief in Malaysia’s untapped potential in the space industry had led to the initiation of guidelines for a comprehensive feasibility study.

“Should this endeavour come to fruition, Malaysia will join an elite group of nations with its 16th space launch facility, positioning itself as the ninth country globally to possess such a strategic asset.

“One of Malaysia’s key advantages lies in its unique location near the equator. This location bestows a significant edge, allowing for developing a space launch facility with notably competitive operating costs.

“The equatorial launch site would capitalise on the earth’s rotational speed near the equator, making launches more energy-efficient and cost-effective,” he said in a statement today.

Chang added that the Malaysian government’s venture into the space industry was projected to yield substantial economic benefits.

“By 2030, it is estimated that Malaysia’s involvement in the space sector could contribute up to RM10 billion to the nation’s economy.

“Furthermore, this endeavour is set to catalyse the growth of 500 space-related technology startup companies, creating around 5,000 job opportunities and fostering innovation within the sector.”

MYSA, he said, had been actively engaging with a diverse range of interested parties and industries, fostering collaborations and partnerships to drive the development of this cutting-edge facility.

This collaborative approach is pivotal in harnessing the full potential of Malaysia’s space aspirations.

In addition to the space launch facility, the minister said Mosti was gearing up for the National Remote Sensing Satellite Development Program (PSPJN).

“This strategic initiative, set to kick off in 2026, will be executed through a public-private partnership (PPP) strategy.

“The program is paramount, ensuring the continuity of ownership of strategic national data, thereby bolstering the effectiveness of the 50 application system packages developed by MYSA.”

Source: News Straits Times