KJRI Johor Bahru Repatriates 6 Human Trafficking Victims in Malaysia


The Indonesian Consulate General (KJRI) in Johor Bahru in cooperation with the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Service Agency (BP3MI) facilitated the repatriation of six victims of human trafficking in Malaysia to Dumai. The six victims are a mother with her five children.

Sigit Suyantoro, the Consul for KJRI Johor Bahru said in a written statement received by Antara today, September 14, 2023, that the repatriation was conducted through Malacca Ferry Terminal to Dumai Ferry Terminal. 

According to Sigit, the five children were born to an Indonesian national mother and a Pakistani father, both residing and working without documents in Malaysia.

SAR, the mother, was apprehended by Malaysian authorities at the beginning of 2022. Meanwhile, the father has reportedly been deported from Malaysia. After the apprehension, three of SAR’s children SAL (14), STN (11), and SHS (10) were housed at a cowshed by SAR’s employer. Meanwhile, the other two children were fostered by a Malaysian couple at Olak Sempit, Selangor.

In May 2022, the three children were rescued by a Malaysian local and were handed over to the police in Banting, Selangor along with the other two children. Malaysian Authority then declared the five children victims of human trafficking and placed the two boys (STN and SHS) at Johor Bahru’s Children Protection Home and gave them the opportunity to learn at Johor Bahru’s Indonesian School. Meanwhile, the other three girls (SAL, NAP, NAJ) were placed at Rembau Women’s Protection Home. 

KJRI Johor Bahru encouraged Indonesian nationals wanting to work in Malaysia to participate in lawful migrant worker placement programs. “Don’t ever use brokers to avoid various immigration issues,” Sigit said.