Investment Minister: Rempang Residents Will Be Given Their Rights


Investment Minister Bahlil Lahadalia stated that the investment in Rempang Island will benefit the public. The government also attempted to resolve the conflict with proper resolution. 

“I ensured that this [investment] is intended for public prosperity, creating job opportunities, and increasing income,” said Bahlil after leading a coordination meeting in Batam on Sunday, September 17, 2023, as quoted by Tempo from a written statement. “And the relocated residents from the island will be given their rights related to lands.”

Bahlil also emphasized that the resolution in Rempang Island shall be conducted through a gentle approach. He mentioned that the government has prepared for the dialogue with Rempang residents. “We are appreciative of the people [in Rempang] who have been residing there for generations,” he said.

Previously, Rempang residents clashed with joint apparatus from the military and the police on September 7 and 11, 2023, as they refused to be relocated for Rempang Eco-City development.

Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning Minister and the head of the National Land Agency Hadi Tjahjanto mentioned that the government has prepared for the relocation of Rempang residents in 500 hectares of land in Dapur 3, Galang Island. “We just have to hand over the right to manage (HPL) [certificate],” Hadi said.

The government also coordinated with the Batam Mayor and BP Batam head Muhammad Rudi in relation to the certificate distribution. Additionally, Hadi hoped that the affected residents in Rempang Island could be given the certificate for land ownership rights (HSM).

“We have asked for the certificate to be equated with the Kampung Tua certificates, with the HSM certificate, which cannot be sold and has to be owned by the affected residents,” Hadi said. “For the verified and identified relocated residents, I have asked for them to be given an HSM certificate for 500 meters of land.”