Germany Resumes Issuing Schengen Visas for Nationals of Turkmenistan


Nationals of Turkmenistan can now submit their Schengen visa applications at the Germany Embassy in Ashgabat as the latter has announced that they have started to receive applications again.-

Announcing the news, the embassy said that everyone can now make an appointment through the electronic system and pointed out that they would not limit the number of applications, reports.

Since Turkmenistan has not reached a visa-liberalisation agreement with the member states of the EU and does not have any bilateral agreement on free movement with Germany, its citizens need to obtain one in order to be permitted entry to Germany.

A Schengen visa is a short-stay visa which permits its holders to travel to any Schengen Area member state for stays of up to 90 days for tourism or business purposes.

The Schengen visa application must be submitted no earlier than three months before taking a trip and all applicants must make sure to submit all the required documents.

When applying for a German tourist visa, all persons must submit the visa application form containing the correct information, two recent photos taken within the last three months, and a valid passport, which must not be older than ten years and has a validity period of three months beyond the planned stay in Schengen.

In addition to the above-mentioned, nationals of Turkmenistan, as well as nationals of other countries who need a tourist visa to enter Germany, must also submit a roundtrip reservation of itinerary, evidence of purchasing health insurance that covers medical emergencies, proof of accommodation, proof of financial means, and an invitation letter, among others.

Those who are employed also need to submit their employment contract, leave permission, and income tax return.

As for minors, they must also submit either a birth certificate, custody decree if parents are divorced, proof of adoption, or a death certificate of a parent. Moreover, they must also submit a letter of consent from their parents as well as passport copies of both parents or their legal guardians.

Once all the required documents are submitted, the applications will start processing. The processing time for the German tourist visa depends on the workload at the time and on the application centre. In general, the waiting time is around two weeks. Nonetheless, in some cases it might take up to 60 calendar days.

Source : Schengenvisq