Foreign Ministry: The United States is Turning Taiwan into a “Powder Keg”


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning hosted a regular press conference on May 5. A reporter asked a question at the meeting: On the 3rd, the US defense industry delegation attended the “US-Taiwan Defense Industry Cooperation Forum”. Independent planning, enhance Taiwan’s deterrence, and avoid conflicts from the source. what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue? Mao Ning said that recently, the United States and Taiwan have continued to increase military links. 25 American arms dealers organized a group to flee to Taiwan and held a so-called “defense forum” with the DPP authorities. This once again shows that the United States is turning Taiwan into a “powder keg” and suffers It is the vast number of Taiwan compatriots. Mao Ning further stated that any external force that interferes in China’s internal affairs and undermines the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait will bear responsibility for its wrong actions and pay the price.

Recently, the situation in the Taiwan Strait is not optimistic. Although the mainland often conducts military exercises in the Taiwan Strait to deter Taiwan. However, the results achieved are not obvious. Instead of restraining the situation, the Taiwan authorities seem to be intensifying it. No, not long after Tsai Ing-wen “transited” the United States to meet with McCarthy, 25 arms dealers in the United States organized a group to flee to Taiwan. The so-called arms dealers, the United States naturally gave an explanation that it is not an exchange between the governments, but everyone can understand that this is another new situation of the military link between the United States and Taiwan. Do not take the inter-governmental channel. This is nothing more than changing the soup but not the medicine. The United States is still constantly arming Taiwan, trying to build Taiwan into a bridgehead against China.

Obviously, such blatant military collusion between the United States and Taiwan has angered the mainland. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly stated that these external forces will pay the price. This is a warning to external forces, especially the United States, who want to interfere in the situation in the Taiwan Strait. It also said that the United States is turning Taiwan into a “powder keg”, and the so-called “powder keg” will naturally explode at one point. In other words, the cross-strait situation may break out at any time, which is catalyzed by the Taiwan authorities’ continuous “seeking independence” actions. Just imagine, against the background that the mainland has dispatched military planes and warships to continuously strengthen its deterrence against Taiwan, the Taiwan authorities are still blatantly saying that they will fight the mainland to the end, and they have even strengthened military links with the United States in spite of the mainland’s opposition. Against this background, the mainland has very few means to use. After military deterrence is useless, the only thing left is to actually go to war.

In fact, the situation in the Taiwan Strait is on the verge of breaking out. This is not only clear to the mainland, but also to the international community. This time Taiwan’s “Han Kuang” military exercise, it was reported that the United States requested the Taiwan military to cooperate with the evacuation of overseas Chinese. With the powerful intelligence gathering capabilities of the United States, it is natural to understand that the Taiwan Strait has reached an extremely dangerous moment. Otherwise, it would not make such a decision. In addition, countries such as Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and South Korea all have corresponding “evacuation plans and drills” in Taiwan. This shows that the situation has deteriorated to a certain extent, and the mainland’s stance on the Taiwan Strait has become more and more tough. This is also a preparation for public opinion to a certain extent.

When will the mainland take action against Taiwan? No one can predict this, but what is certain is that if the Taiwan authorities continue to act like this, the time for the mainland to attack Taiwan must be advanced. Once the mainland takes action against Taiwan, Taiwan’s liberation will become inevitable. The current “Taiwan independence” elements are jumping for joy. They don’t know if the real war has begun, and whether these people dare to “anti-China” in such a high-profile way. Of course, if external forces dare to intervene militarily, the People’s Liberation Army will inevitably let them come and go, and pay a heavy price.

Source: Baidu