Forbidden: China Will do Whatever it Takes to Complete The Unification of Taiwan Province


[China will complete the unification of Taiwan Province at all costs! The U.S. RAND Corporation has realized the seriousness of the problem in its latest report, and they put forward two suggestions to the U.S. military: China may adopt a full-scale attack and quickly seize the island to land; the other is that China may Taiwan Island adopts the method of siege and blockade. The Rand Corporation believes that it is impossible for the US military to stop the PLA! 】

In fact, no matter which method mainland China adopts, the United States will be extremely passive. Because according to the wishful promise of the US government-the United States must provide so-called military assistance or military assistance to Taiwan Island.

In such a situation, the Pentagon will be extremely passive! The RAND Corporation believes that if there is a military conflict with mainland China because of Taiwan Island, it may bring very serious consequences to the United States. Although the United States has military bases in Japan and the Philippines that are close to Taiwan Island, both have certain military deployments. However, these deployments will become reasonable targets for the Chinese mainland’s military after the outbreak of an armed conflict.

From the perspective of the situation on the Russian battlefield, Rand believes that it is entirely possible for modern hypersonic weapons and medium- and long-range missiles to accurately hit and strike these targets; therefore, once the US military participates in a conflict across the Taiwan Strait, it will be very passive. The base is like a living target! Such a deployment would be pointless unless they were attacking mainland China mainland. Their reinforcement of Taiwan Island is tantamount to war against China.

On the contrary, since the Pentagon does not know what actions the Chinese mainland may take, it is impossible to make advance predictions and responses. They can only do their best to sell as many arms and weapons as possible to Taiwan Island to increase Taiwan Island’s own defense capabilities; they cannot expect the US military to provide actual assistance or participate in actual combat strikes against the People’s Liberation Army. Judging from the current situation, these analyzes of the RAND Corporation are basically useless and have no practical significance.

But one thing is certain, that is, China will take back Taiwan at all costs! This is what everyone wants to see, and it is also China’s national policy.

Then, in the process of a real armed conflict, according to China’s “Sun Tzu’s Art of War”-ten encircle it, double it, attack it, and if it is too small, avoid it. Then our current military strength and combat capability exceed Taiwan Island by more than ten. times? ! So for us, the really effective way is not to carry out a full-scale armed attack, to turn Taiwan Island into scorched earth! Instead, implement “surround the spot to fight for aid”! We surrounded and blocked the entire island of Taiwan, completely freezing Taiwan’s economy! We really can’t allow Taiwan to make money while still thinking about independence and hugging the thighs of the United States!

After we put Taiwan Island under military blockade, if the U.S. military wants to come for reinforcements! Just fell into our “trap”, and we can carry out targeted elimination of the US troops who came to reinforce! Because they have interfered in our internal affairs, their entry into Taiwan Island is a violation of our national sovereignty, and they are aggressors. In fact, more than 200 US troops have entered the island of Taiwan. They are trying to conduct military training for the “puppet army” on the island of Taiwan. This is very clear and violates our country’s bottom line!

It is precisely because of these reasons that we have also stepped up military actions against Taiwan in the recent stage.

A brief summary –

Taiwan Island has been Chinese territory and part of China since ancient times; it is right on the edge of mainland China, it cannot run or fly! Therefore, we firmly grasp the initiative to unify Taiwan, which is very critical!

As for what the Americans think, what the Japanese think; what they think is their business! We unswervingly follow our own pace, throw away illusions, and are always ready to fight! Although “armed unity” is the trump card, in many cases, armed action is also the core strategic trump card that can really play a role in promoting peace!

Therefore, how to force Taiwan Island to the path of “peaceful reunification” all depends on our fists being strong enough, our strength strong enough, and our army strong enough.

Source: Baidu