Fired on My First Day of Work


A woman has taken to TikTok to share her untoward experience of being fired on her first day of work at a jewellery shop recently. 

In her TikTok video post, user @narieana_ explained that it all seemed fine at first.

Captioning the video, she wrote that she had gone for an interview before receiving a phone call being offered the job, and that she and the employer had agreed upon a salary for her role as the company’s marketing executive. 

Just half a day into her first day of work, she was told that she would be put into a one week probationary period to evaluate her performance- something she says, was not told during the job-offer call.

Later in the evening, she received the devastating and shocking news, where she was told that her performance was not up to the company’s expectations. 

“If you didn’t plan on hiring me, you shouldn’t have offered me the job and should have rejected me during my interview.

“I’ve already paid for my child’s nursery fees so that I could come and work here. But now I’ve lost my job. Please do not hire and fire like this, as if that person is of no value. 

“Please pray for my strength to be given better rezeki (blessing of sustenance),” she added in her TikTok post which has garnered over 2.4 million views so far. 

Some netizens who responded to her post advised her to be more careful when taking up a new job, especially not to accept any offers without a black and white agreement. 

TikTok user @NASally11 said that requesting an offer letter should be the most important thing done before joining the company. 

Some others even suggested that the company fired her in order to hire someone else, within their own circle of friends. 

“Usually in such cases, it is not about not being fit (for the job), but rather, they reject you because they want to take in their friend tomorrow,” said TikTok user, @terry_321. 

Netizens also advised her to report the matter to the Labour Department to seek reasonable compensation for having to go through such a situation. 

“Go to the Labour Department (to report), they will (make the employer) pay you two months salary. I got it before,” said TikTok user, @rashidah33796.