Experts: Triggering an Arms Race, AUKUS Could Start a New Cold War


The existence of the Australia-Britain-United States (AUKUS) alliance has become a concern for many parties. Some experts even believe AUKUS can spark a new Cold War.

“AUKUS crumbles international Nuclear Non-Proliferation system and sparks off arms race” which was uploaded by 

KCNA on Friday (7/4).In his writing, Ri highlighted the seriousness of the US and UK to arm Australia.

On March 13, the leaders of the three countries issued a joint statement at the San Diego naval base in California, USA. They state that Australia will build an 8-nuclear sub team with an investment of 245 billion dollars, in collaboration with the US and UK, by 2055.According to the plan, US and UK nuclear submarines will start regular entry into Australian ports from 2023 to 2026, then they will be placed in rotational deployment starting in 2027. Starting in the early 2030s, the US will reportedly build three Virginia-class nuclear submarines for sale to Australia, and sell two more if necessary.”The nature of AUKUS is becoming clear as a product of the ‘new Cold War’,” Ri wrote.

Ri assessed that the nuclearization of Australia through AUKUS would destroy the international non-proliferation system that had been running.”The transfer of weapons-grade highly enriched uranium to a non-nuclear country, Australia, by the US and UK, nuclear weapons states and signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, being a clear act of nuclear proliferation,” he explained.Despite this, the three countries continued to insist and argue that the disputed submarines were not equipped with nuclear warheads and did not conflict with the international nuclear non-proliferation system.If this situation continues, Ri is worried that the US may expand nuclearization to other non-nuclear countries which are their allies. It can be seen from Japan and Canada that are very jealous of Australia at this time.

Perlombaan Senjata Menuju Perang Dingin Baru

Belajar dari sejarah, keberadaan AUKUS sejatinya dapat memicu perlombaan senjata yang memantik Perang Dingin baru. Terlebih saat ini dunia telah berubah menjadi multi-polar dengan munculnya kekuatan-kekuatan besar lain, seperti China, Rusia, Afrika Selatan, hingga Brasil.

Biaya 245 miliar dolar yang dihabiskan untuk mempersenjatai Australia dengan kapal selam bertenaga nuklir dinilai akan membuat panas negara-negara lain, khususnya di Asia Pasifik.

“Memberikan jawaban yang dapat dipahami oleh negara-negara Asia-Pasifik tentang alasan di balik eskalasi ketegangan, penciptaan ketidakstabilan, dan pemicu perlombaan senjata adalah tanggung jawab yang tidak dapat dihindari dari para kepala negara AUKUS,” tulis Ri.

Referring to various statements from AUKUS leaders, it was stated that their existence is a necessity of global security developments, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.This reason shows that AUKUS is not only aimed at creating regional stability and peace, but is far from that. Including it can also be misused to create war on the Korean Peninsula.

Source: RMOL