Expert: US Will Soon “Blow Up” The Situation in Europe


The leadership of the United States of America really wants to “rock” the socio-economic situation in the European Union.

Economist Mikhail Khazin spoke about this during his speech at the “Ulitsa Pravdy” club, IA DEITA.RU reports.

According to him, the current political leadership of the United States needs to eliminate Europe as its main competitor for the title of leader of the Western world. America, as the expert explained, wants to “close” in its own ecosystem called AUKUS.

In order for this project to work successfully, it should not have developed competitors. Today, as Khazin explained, this is industrialized Europe and China. In order to move on to confrontation with the Celestial Empire, the US must first deal with the EU.

It is for this, according to the expert, that the Americans, together with the British, will very soon take active steps to organize a social and economic “explosion” in Europe, which should cause a crisis of unprecedented scale.

Source: DEITA.RU