‘Cops Have Feelings Too’


The innocent words of a little girl who thought that her mother was going to work when in actual fact she was being arrested for a narcotics offence has touched the hearts of many netizens through a post on TikTok that was shared by the very policeman who made the arrest.

The policeman, who shared his experience on TikTok, Bahrom Sahin, 32, said that it all began when their team were making their crime prevention rounds in and around the area in Jitra, Kedah when they stumbled upon a woman who was acting and behaving suspiciously in front of her house last week.

He shared that he and his colleague were about to detain the woman after they found out that she had committed a narcotics offence, done out of desperation for money to feed her six children.

“While seated in the back of the patrol car to be taken to the police station for further action, the back window was opened so that the woman could speak to her young daughter for a bit.NextStay

Bahrom, who works in the Narcotics Section of the Jitra district police headquarters, said that the child’s words reminded him of his own child at home who also says the same thing to him.

“It hit us hard and we were barely able to hold back our feelings and emotions when we heard what her child said to her because those words are what my own child tells me when I leave the house to go to work. 

“My colleague and I discussed before we decided to let her go on condition that she be put under observation so that she does not repeat her mistake because we understand that her children will be waiting for her to return and she will not be able to if she is in detention (lock up).

“The woman cried and thanked us repeatedly before we gave her some money some ‘cekodok pisang’ (mashed banana fritters) because she told us that she only makes instant noodles with soy sauce for her children to eat,” he said as he added that the woman now dries fish as a means to earn an honest living.

Bahrom also shared how he and his colleague, Muhammad Iqbal Haikal Mohamad Tarmizi helped the family of a man who was detained for a narcotic offence.

“My colleagues and I initiated a collection before we proceeded to buy food, groceries and necessities for the man’s family because he has many children and his wife was pregnant.

“He’s the sole breadwinner of the family and they also depend on assistance from the welfare department just to get by.

“Sometimes they do not have a job, a means to earn a living. So in the case of this man, he was left with little to no choice but to commit a crime just to survive because by doing so he was able to earn some money.

“What is wrong is still wrong, so we detained the man. However, if his family needs help and assistance, then Insya Allah, we will help as best we can,” he said.

He said that he likes to share regarding the different scenarios, instances and situations that he comes across when dealing with the public while on duty which he shares as examples so that his followers on TikTok can learn to know better.

“Indirectly, by sharing such an experience and encounter, it can give a sense of realisation to society, especially concerning the state or welfare of our neighbours- the very people around us.

“We should not jump to conclusions and blindly label or stereotype people by just looking at their mistakes or the offences that they have done, because sometimes they are pushed into a corner where they do not have a choice and are enduring hardship, difficulties.

“Another thing that I strive to change is the perception where people like to blindly label police officers and personnel this and that without knowing the truth, when in reality we are also human beings who have a heart and feelings.

“I am sure that many other police officers and personnel experience and face all sorts of different issues when dealing with the different layers of society. It’s just that they do not reveal or share about it. What I am trying to convey is that there are situations where we must be firm, and there are also times when we have to be compassionate and considerate for the greater good,” he said.